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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Event Check-in Stats, Guest List Full Screen & More New Features

We are very excited to announce updates to the VenueWize web and mobile app! We want to thank all of our users who provided us with feedback.
From the web to the mobile app, you will notice performance improvement and more importantly, new features to enhance your event management experience.

Mobile Event Check-in:
-Guest List Full Screen
-Searchable Guest List name
-Enhanced syncing
-Improved search for names with special characters and accents
-Special field for company info
-Team feature bug fixes

Web Event Setup & Statistics:
-Download your check-in data from your Statistics page
-Improved Bulk Uploader Excel Template
-Team feature bug fixes

You are very much part of the continuous development of VenueWize and we can’t thank you enough for your continuous support and feedback!

For questions about the new features or for feedback please contact or your VenueWize representative.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Manage Unregistered Attendees with iPads and iPhones [New Feature]

Managing unexpected attendees at events poses several issues:

  • How do you easily capture the unexpected guest's information?
  • How does this affect the guests who took the time to register or purchase tickets?
  • How will this affect your events logistics and check-ins?
Due to these issues many event organizers do not allow unexpected guests to enter their venue, which leads to lost opportunity in terms of revenue and relationships resulting in future revenue.

VenueWize has launched it's updated check-in app which addresses and solves all of these issues. Using the guest registration & check-in app, your hosts have access to all of your attendees who registered, purchased tickets or were added via Excel files by yourself or by your team mates. Additionally, when an unexpected guest shows up, you can give your hosts the option to add and check them in on the fly. They are given the option to add the guest's email address and any other pieces of information crucial to your database and relationship management techniques. 

After the event you can track to see how many guests were added on the fly, who they were, and if the hosts added any notes about them.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Annual Event Uses iPads to Track Effectiveness of Partner Campaigns [Case Study]

The following is provided by the lead event planner for a one-off event who used VenueWize to sell tickets, manage affiliates and promo codes, and check-in guests with iPads. The following is paraphrased to fit the format of the case study.

"Checking attendees in on an iPad is just a whole different experience compared to using paper to cross people off." -Annika

Guest Check-ins @ Indulge 'n Dance

We used the service for our event called Indulge n' Dance, an after-dinner event that featured seven of Vancouver's up-and-coming pastry makers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The event took place in April 2012 and also featured some great 80s/90s dance music creating a unique dining and dancing experience in the city. About 150 were registered for the event.

This was the first time we created a large public event. Managing a large event is very different than a small gathering. We needed a one stop shop that could handle both the front and the back-end of the event, plus ensure paperless transactions. Social Bites prides itself with taking a local and sustainable approach to its event, hence we definitely did not want anyone to bring paper tickets to the event. This also fit in with the overall digital strategy as we did not print one piece of paper to promote or manage the event. 

We chose Venuewize because we knew the iPad check-ins would help us with our efforts to keep our event green. Attendees were impressed with the quick and efficient check-in, and the app is very easy to use which also helped with a smooth check-in service. Apart from the actual check-in, we were also very pleased with the back-end system. Since this was the first time we ran this event, we partnered with a variety of companies and groups allowing them to use promo codes to receive a price reduction. What we liked about Venuewize was the fact that the system can handle multiple promo codes, allowing us to track the effectiveness of partner campaigns. This will be valuable information for future events. It also allowed us to limit the tickets to only one ticket choice and an add-on ticket as all price variations and complimentary tickets could be handled via the promo codes.

I think attendees were very impressed how smooth and sophisticated the check in was. Checking attendees in on an iPad is just a whole different experience compared to using paper to cross people off. Also, multiple promo codes allowed us to track the effectiveness of partner campaigns. Overall, the experience with Venuewize was great. I would highly recommend it to other event managers.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Targeted Email Marketing for PR Firms and Nightclubs: Building Your Customer Database

VenueWize’s guest list and event check-in app, lets you check-in guests on iPads and measure promoter returns & performance. It now also lets you build your email list and send highly targeted email blasts to your guest database.

Automatically Build Your Mailing List
As your promoters collaborate on guest list creation and add guests to guest lists, each email address accompanied with a guest is tracked in your VenueWize database. All guest list requests and ticket sales also compile guest information and email addresses into your VenueWize database.

Target Specific Guests
Guests are tracked overtime on different metrics, such as which guest lists they’ve been added to, which events they were checked-in to and more. This empowers you to send super targeted email blasts to follow up with guests, inform them about upcoming events or invite them to purchase tickets (or bottle service, and cover charge).

An example of a highly targeted email blast would be emailing an invitation for your upcoming event, to all of the no-shows of your last event. The variations for this are endless with all of the metrics gathered, and the more targeted event email marketing blasts are the most effective.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nightclub Promotion Group Measures Promoter Performance & Manages Guests with iPad & iPhone App [Case Study]

The following is provided by the owner and lead event planner at a nightclub promotion group who used VenueWize to measure his nightclub promoter performance and returns for quick pay-outs based on a commission structure. The information is paraphrased to fit the format of the case study.

"VenueWize provides a structure both on the front end of the event for event check-ins and also on the backend when it's time to analyze performance." -Brad

How VenueWize helped this nightclub promotion group with half of their marketing plan, promoter payouts, and event check-ins

We [Climax] took a 3,000 capacity event center previously used for country music and classic rock concerts and turned it into a big room nightclub event.

Before VenueWize we really never put the promoters to task.  People would have always been involved to help spread the word, but we never had a very good system of managing performance and outcome.  Sure, it can be done on paper, but that takes a lot of additional facilitation.  VenueWize provides a structure both on the front end of the event for event check-ins and also on the backend when it's time to analyze performance.  This not only saves time but also drives the entire process. 

For us it allowed a structure that we could effortlessly keep track of.  We knew who we had sent out there promoting, we knew which of them were actively engaging possible attendees, and after the event we knew which promoters got people to attend.  Therefore we were able to turn around and compensate them based on actual performance.  There was also a really positive vibe around the whole thing because we sold the fact that it's good for us as the organizer, it's good for the promoter, and it's good for the attendee. Everyone wins and the we go party.

For us VenueWize was our about 50% of our marketing plan.  The other 50% was about larger than normal production value through the venue, DJ and performers.  Our event was 17+, so we created a number of pricing tiers.  If you were 21+ cover was $15 and $10 if you were on the guest list.  Under 21 got in for $20, but $15 if on the guest list.  Promoters went out and put people on the guest list.  The promoters were then compensated for the number that attended, based on reports and analytics created by VenueWize.  There was something in it for everyone.  Everybody wins!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Real Estate Convention Used iPads For Their Cocktail Party at Four Seasons Las Vegas [Case Study]

The following information is provided by an event manager at Cushman & Wakefield who used the VenueWize guest registration app to manage guest check-ins and guest lists for a Real Estate Convention Cocktail Party at 4-Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. The following is paraphrased to fit the format of the case study.

Cushman & Wakefield Client ICSC REcon Cocktail Party in Las Vegas Managed Using VenueWize

About Cushman & Wakefield, and the Event
Cushman & Wakefield is a privately held commercial real estate services firm with 243 offices world-wide.

The event held was a Cushman & Wakefield client cocktail party at the Four Seasons Las Vegas with a guest list of about 3500, and an expected attendance of 500.  The event was held in conjunction with a real estate convention put on by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

In the past check-ins at the event had been managed manually with paper lists consisting of all attendees.  One major problem previously faced by using paper lists was that the guest list was constantly being added to, up to a few hours before the party and even during the party. Considering multiple check-in points with multiple hosts, this caused major problems. , even up to a few hours before the party, and being able to add names at the last minute was very helpful.

We used 5 ipads to check people in at the event.  We had them pre-loaded with the guest list.  We were able to remotely add names to the list last minute, which automatically updated on each host's iPad. It was also nice to have a real-time count of how many people we checked in, who they were and what time they arrived.

The attendees appreciated not having to stand in a long line as had happened at past cocktail parties. We were able to add guests last second at the door and have hosts check-in the same guest. I would recommend VenueWize to any kind of event where you need to check-in a large amount of people quickly.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Compile a Facebook Event Guest List onto an iPad and iPhone for Check-Ins

VenueWize’s event check-in and event registration system’s Facebook Timeline App for Events tackles several issues Facebook Events has left unsolved. Promoting events on Facebook is an effective tool, with many downfalls. A large percentage of RSVPs never show up to your event, you can’t sell tickets, and compiling a list of the RSVPs is highly time consuming and difficult.

1. Create Your Registration & Ticketing Page on

Login to, create your event, and a registration & ticketing page. In the registration & ticketing page setup you can specify the number of spots available at the event and even create custom questions for attendees to fill out, such as “company name” or “preferred drink”.

2. Post to Facebook

While logged into VenueWize, go to the Social Media section, then log in to Facebook. “Host on Facebook” posts the event to your personal Facebook timeline, “Create a Facebook Page Tab” creates a tab on your Facebook Business Page listing all of your upcoming VenueWize events. For more details see how to sell tickets on Facebook.

Posting Events to Facebook for Guest List App Check-ins
3. Check-in Guests with iPads and iPhones

All registrant and ticket purchaser information is auto-compiled onto guest lists accessed on iPads and iPhones, for quick guest check-ins.

4. Measure Success and Conversion Rates

Logging back into VenueWize after your event gives you detailed information including the conversion rate of how effective your Facebook efforts were. The analytics detail the conversion rate from guest sign ups, to the guests actually walking in through the door. This can be used as a benchmark and learning experience for running future events. 
VenueWize's event check-in and registration system will be expanding this feature in the recent future.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Events [New Feature]

VenueWize’s event registration and guest management system now lets you promote your events by sending highly targeted email blasts to attendees while still doing event check-ins.

As you hold events on VenueWize, your email list automatically increases as your team members, promoters and various registration mediums add attendee email addresses for specific events. All of the attendee email addresses and information are stored in your VenueWize database. Additionally, each attendee is tracked overtime for different metrics, such as the number of events attended, and their attendance percentage. This lets you send highly targeted email blasts and event invites based on various metrics.

Targeting Attendees Through Filters
You can filter for specific guest types and demographics using the filter function. For example, you can target everyone who had signed up for your last event, but never showed up (“did not check-in”). This will be useful for following up with those guests for feedback or inviting them to a similar event they may not have heard about, since they are now leads for a specific event type.

Targeted Email Marketing For Events Using Filters
Targeted email blasts are critical for effective event promotion and attendee follow-ups, and can also be used as a tool to improve future events through acquiring feedback. Mass emails that are not targeted are considerably less effective since the recipient does not fully relate to the message in the email, as the purpose is to make it feel like a one-on-one conversation with the recipient with a custom tailored value proposition. Additionally, a problem is building up your mailing list, which VenueWize solves through it’s event registration system.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Church Uses iPads for Kids Event: Tracks Allergies & Makes Attendance Fun [Case Study]

These kids check-in themselves using iPads!
Photo Source:

The following is provided by the event and program organizer at Tweed Coast Community Church, who has been using our event check-in and guest registration app in a very creative way, to ensure that kids are accounted for, parents have an peace of mind and kids enjoy the check-in process (by checking themselves in).

About Tweed Coast Community Church
Tweed Coast Community Church is a small church [in Australia] with a strong focus on family ministry. We provide Sunday morning Kidz Church for all ages and midweek activities. And we  require a simple, effective means to sign kids into these programs.

Parents are concerned about safety. They want to know that we, too, hold a strong position on security for kids involved in our programs. We want parents to feel confident that their kids are secure and accounted for- that we know who is here and where they are. And there is a time issue. When over-excited kids link up at the door, eager to come and enjoy the program, we don't want them and their parents to have to spend too long working through the sign-in procedures. We had investigated many of the available options but found nothing that really addressed our issues. We had continued to sign kids in manually with paper sign-in lists.

Since using VenueWize, our sign-in procedures are quick and straight forward. An updated list of attendees is allocated to each event as it is set up. The list includes allergy details or health concerns which is listed beside be child as they sign-in. This enables us to pop an alert sticker on those children as they enter to identify the health concerns to leaders. The system is so simple that kids/parents can sign in themselves although we do have a leader in place to oversee the check-in procedure.

Kids really enjoy checking themselves in on the iPad and the parents are impressed with the system and the process. I would recommend this simple system to others looking for a quick and easy alternative to paper registration forms for kids events. Check out my ministry blog for more information...

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sell Tickets On Your Facebook Page & Timeline

VenueWize now lets you sell tickets on Facebook, directly from  your business Facebook Page or personal Facebook Timeline, by using our new Facebook Timeline app for events.  With one click the app creates a tab on your Facebook Page listing all of your upcoming events (created on VenueWize) with a ticketing, RSVP or guest list request page. When a guest buys a ticket, RSVPs or requests a guest list, our app automatically notifies his or her friends about your event in a non-intrusive way right on Facebook. The registrant also automatically receives an email confirming his or her attendance. After signing up for a few events, a Facebook Timeline box appears on the registrants profile listing all of the events they've registered for.

Facebook Timeline App for Events

Guest List Management on Facebook Timeline

If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you can directly host the event on your personal Facebook Timeline with one click. After hosting a few events on your personal Facebook Page, a Facebook Timeline box will appear on your profile listing all of the events that you are hosting.

Hosting a Ticketed Event on Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline Box for Upcoming Events

All of the Facebook registrants are then auto-compiled onto a guest list, accessed using the VenueWize event check-in app, ready to be checked-in at your event with iPads and iPhones. Of course, you can then check analytics to see exactly how many people Facebook brought to your event.