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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Measure Event Success with Event Analytics- Set Measurable Benchmarks [How-To]

Event organizers can now measure how successful their events are by interpreting event analytics, letting them set measurable benchmarks & improve on future events. This lets them justify event costs and calculate their Return on Investment (ROI). 
Using VenueWize’s analytics feature, which automatically captures key metrics about your events, guests and promoters, organizers and team members- you can start measuring event success and improve on certain metrics event-after-event.

Step 1: Set your event’s goals
Determine what “success” is to your event, and make it concrete. Success is made up of certain goals that can be measured, such as: “Did everyone show up on time? When was the average time of arrival for guests? What percentage of guests never showed up at all? Is there some common factor amongst the guests who never showed up at all?” This can go on, and on.
These metrics vary, from event to event, mostly depending on your type of event.

Step 2: Set up your event on VenueWize
Create your free (trial) account at and set up your event in 30 seconds.

Step 3: Start analyzing
After your event is done, make sure the person in charge of iPad check-ins who manages the live guest lists, hits “Refresh” after the very last check-in.
You now have access to a wealth of information on your VenueWize dashboard, under Stats.
For example, to answer a goal or question created in Step 1: “Is there a common factor amongst the guests who never showed up at all”. You can filter your stats down by Guest List, or by Team Member. This will populate stats on guests, how many accompanied guests they brought and their arrival time, and the no-shows. You will be surprised what you find, perhaps you may discover that the commonality is that the guests who never showed up to the event were all Early Bird Tickets (ie Guest List: Early Bird Tickets), which were actually free tickets.

Step 4: Use these metrics as a benchmark
You now have a benchmark to go off of for your next event, and specific metrics to improve on. You also have discovered ineffective ways to attract guests, perhaps your “University Team” (created in Teams section of VenueWize) who you allowed to only invite individuals from the University- did not perform so well, since only half of their guests showed up.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Easiest & Most Accurate Way to Pay Out Promoters at Your Nightclub: Track Staff Guestlist Returns

Paying out your nightclub's promoters on commission is a big hassle, time consuming, always results in disputes and takes hours to do at 3AM or whenever your event ended. If you are able to pay out your promoters the same night as the event, the more promoters are willing to work for you. So, let’s automate this process and cut it down to 5 minutes to pay out more than 20 promoters.

1.  Determine your commission structure
Commission reduces your cost structure, and risk. When creating your guest lists on, ensure that you keep the commission amounts in mind. For example, for your “Free Guests” guest list, you may want to give out $5 to each promoter as a commission, since you know on average each of these guests spends $25 on drinks. You may even want to consider giving out $5 per female, and $1 per male, for the “Free Guests” guest list. Or, for your “Ticket Holders” list, you may want to give out $15, since each “Ticket Holder” already paid cash, which was given to you by your promoters.

2. Set up your event on VenueWize
Create your free (trial) account at and set up your event.

3. Calculate payouts
Make sure your door-person hits the refresh button on the VenueWize iPad (or iPhone) app at the end of the night after your iPad check-ins are complete, so you have all the latest data captured. You now have a wealth of analytics captured, one of which can be used to calculate to the dollar how much you owe each promoter.

Let’s see how well Mike did.

As it is shown, Mike, brought in 14 guests total from the “Ticket Holders” guest list (of course, all guest lists are set up by you, during your step-by-step event setup on From the “Ticket Holders” guest list, 6 of Mike’s guests were no-shows. As a result, you know exactly to the penny, how much to pay Mike- no disputes, no hassles, no ticket stubs to count and re-count & same night pay-outs in minutes!

If only everything could be automated and made so easy. Do this for your next event for free.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

VenueWize Launching on December 1st After Running a Successful Pilot

Vancouver technology startup geared towards event organizers is launching on December 1st, after running a pilot with international users. CEO believes tracking guest metrics is key to empowering event organizers.

Vancouver, British Columbia (December 1st) - Vancouver based technology startup, VenueWize is launching on December 1st after running a pilot with users located internationally. VenueWize is a web and mobile based application created for event organizers. "We learned a lot from our pilot users- career fairs in New York, nightlife in the UK, fashion shows in Tokyo- they all face the same problems. The pilot was critical to our product, since it helped us fully grasp and understand the needs of event organizers worldwide, which allowed us to create innovative solutions," said Arvand Alviri, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VenueWize.

VenueWize lets event organizers collaborate on events, access live guest information via the iPad and iPhone apps, track guest profitability using VenueWize's CRM system and stay green. Unlike most event management or event ticketing solutions, VenueWize puts a heavy emphasis on automatically capturing metrics about guests, letting organizers know who their most and least profitable guests are, at a glance. "Having access to this information, as guests walk into an event, is extremely powerful. It's like introducing Google Analytics to an industry which previously had no way to capture meaningful data," says Arvand on the importance of tracking guest metrics and analytics.

VenueWize plans to continue to create innovative and easy to use solutions to empower event organizers. The startup will offer new accounts a free trial, so event organizers can VenueWize their next event with no obligations.

Media Contact
For more information about VenueWize or to arrange an interview with CEO Arvand Alviri, contact:

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Managing Attendees at a Career Fair [Case Study]

Career Fair in New York

“The upload process was simple and our guests were impressed with how we were embracing technology and keeping our event green... One less thing to worry about.”
-Mike, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science, Albany, NY

About Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a private, independent institution committed to the advancement of health. The College possesses all of the qualities for an outstanding education, including diverse academic programs, modern facilities, and distinguished faculty.” –From

-Organize a career fair with over 8000 guests
-Gather over 8000 guest names and information onto multiple pieces of paper that ran the risk of being misplaced prior to the event
-Search through the pieces of paper to find guest names upon their arrival

-Easy process to upload guest information, which was then, accessed using iPads
-The VenueWize iPad app’s search function significantly cut down the time required to register guest names at the entrance and take attendance
-Fewer volunteers were needed to take attendance and register guests

How a Night Club Embraced the iPad to Manage Guests [Case Study]

“All promotion teams update their own list to one LIVE list automatically. All work is [now] done by promoters which leaves me, (promotion manager) to concentrate on running the event... Would recommend it to anyone running guest lists / queue jump / tables.” –Ricky, PURE Bar, Bexleyheath, Kent, UK

About PURE Bar
“PURE is the place to be seen… two floors and a luxury garden where you can chill out with its own bar… The PURE Lounge located upstairs lets you get away from the main party if you need a little break… Celebs are regular visitors.” –From

-Stressful task of compiling guest lists of about 500 guests each week from several promoters which was done by rushing before the event to get endless SMS text messages and emails together
-Commission payments to promoters based on performance, which reduce cost structure, was extremely time consuming, and difficult

-Using VenueWize’s Teams Feature, all promotion teams add their own guests to one live list
-After the event, automatic reports are generated specifying which promoter’s guests actually entered the club, which determines how much commission they should receive
-The promotion manager, Ricky, who is in charge of the events, simply assigns the promotion teams to the event, which lets Ricky not worry about guest lists and focus on important things such as running the event
-Last second changes are easy to make because the guest list is live
-iPad app leaves arriving guests with a “classy, great first impression”

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Future of Event Management and Registration - Sneak Peak at VenueWize Dec 1/11 Launch [Screenshots]

At VenueWize we strive to create innovative event solutions, and we are confident that we will do just that for our Dec 1st launch. Our launch will signal the start of our dedication to simplify event management through innovation.

VenueWize has gained users internationally, ranging from nightlife events to fashion shows, to banquets and business events. The feedback provided to us by these users has resulted in all of the design elements and features that will be included in our Dec 1st launch. The launch will include a brand new web application to process and set up events, guests, teams, stats and everything else you currently love doing on the current VenueWize (Beta).

We are also releasing new features on Dec 1st, one which is our ticketing system. Our ticketing system will automatically sync with the VenueWize iPad app. After our launch, we will continually release new and innovative features to push the events industry forward. Sign up on now and be notified of the release, or subscribe to our mailing list, which is also located on the homepage.

Please send our Help Desk an email at if you have any feedback on what you would like to see included in the upcoming launch. Meanwhile, check out some exclusive screenshots from our development department. Note that the final launched version of the web app may differ in minor ways from these screenshots.

Easy to use step-by-step process

Manage all of your events from one dashboard

Thursday, 6 October 2011

An App for The Pearly Gates - RIP Steve Jobs

...and it's called VenueWize.

The team at VenueWize, just like anyone who was ever inspired by Steve Jobs, will deeply miss him. "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish."

Friday, 16 September 2011

iPad Event Registration With No Internet Connection! (New iPad & iPhone Feature)

VenueWize iPhone and iPad app 1.0 (released) now let you check-in your event's guests without a Wifi or 3G connection. After working with several events ranging from fashion shows in Vancouver to nightclubs in the UK, we came to the realization that event organizers have minimal control over the internet connection at the venue they hold their event, so we created this solution. Also, it provides a peace of mind knowing that if the Internet goes down, your event is not affected in any way.

How Does It Work?

1. After setting up your event on, you log into your event with the Event Code you received during your event setup. You must log in with the Event Code with an Internet connection (so, at home).
Logging in with your Event Code gives you access to your guest lists (ie "Ticket Holders" vs "$50 @ Door"), guest notes (ie "Very loyal customer), guest names and how many individuals they are arriving with. This was all of course created on your account. 

2. You arrive at your event at some venue with unreliable Internet, and using the same Event Code you can log back into your event without an Internet connection! This is because after the first login, all of your event’s data was automatically stored on your iPad (or iPhone). You can now check-in guests, access live guest information and VenueWize your event.

3. The next time you log in to the app with an internet connection, all of your (pending) check-in’s automatically get updated to your account. This update allows you to track guest and employee stats, and update your guest database on your VenueWize account.

And yes, while offline, you can still use multiple iPhones and iPads to check guests in, however the check-ins will not be seen live.

This feature is strictly due to user feedback, so, thanks.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

How To Compile a Guest List Onto iPad & iPhone

Update (March 13/12): We also allow you to upload your guest lists by filling out our excel template, which then gives your door hosts access to your guest lists on the VenueWize event check in app.

Original Post:
Creating a guest list is tough… real tough. They are needed for large galas, conferences, parties and even weddings. In most cases there are different types of guests: guests who get in free no matter what, guests who have already paid, guests who must pay half-price to get in, and guests who must pay full price to get in. To make this information about guests more difficult to manage is the fact that guest names and information typically come from several organizers, and several promoters.

The obvious solution here is for organizers, promoters and employees to collaborate on the guest list creation. This is the pain we solved with our new Teams feature.

1. Simply set up teams, and team member names on

The reason for setting up team member names lets you automatically track which team member guests were checked into the venue. This is essential when paying employees a bonus, or rewarding them for guests they bring into the venue, or tracking event analytics.

2. Send the team members the widget link.

The widget allows the team members to select the event, guest list, their name, and enter in the guest information that they have collected or are responsible for. This is the same amount of effort it would have taken them to email you this information or type it in a doc, however it is automatically transferred to your guest lists which are accessed via the Venuewize iPhone or iPad app.

You no longer have to manually compile guest names based on guest types.

Monday, 20 June 2011

How Profitable Are My Event's Guests?

The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule states that 80% of results come from 20% of sources. In marketing terms this means that 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers. Sometimes this extends to 90/10, and 95/5.
For social events such as nightclubs, where there is a balance between alcohol sales and door entrance fees, the Pareto Principle makes things interesting. This also applies to other social events with a similar balance of expenditures for attendants and guests, such as corporate socials with high margin alcohol sales.

First I must differentiate between the 20% of guests and the 80% of guests. 20% of your event’s guests result in 80% of your event’s revenues. For nightclubs, this also means that 20% of guests purchase 80% of the alcohol.

Note that the graph above compares the “value” of guests compared to the time into the event. The “value” of guests is not only profitability, it is rather profitability and other factors that result in other guest’s profitability. For example, in this case, a guest coming into the club for free at the beginning of the night who does not purchase any alcohol throughout the night has high value, as they are filling the venue’s dance-floor and getting the party started- which results in other guests coming in and purchasing alcohol. However, if this same guest came into the club much later on in the night, his or her value would be much lower, as at this point the dance floor and venue is already packed with people, so he or she is adding less and less value as time goes on. This is in a sense, diminishing value, as time goes on.
Now, for the 20% of guests who purchase 80% of the liquor, they are bringing the same value into the venue no matter at what point of the event they enter the venue. This is because it is assumed that the value they are bringing with them is constant alcohol purchases throughout the night.

So how can this information be used? Very simple. Providing guest lists at the beginning of the event brings in valuable guests, and making these guest lists expire after a certain amount of time ensures that these guests only enter when they are “valuable”. This feature is available on VenueWize. At the same time, it is critical to identify the 20% of guests who purchase 80% of the alcohol. VenueWize is working on a recognition system so that your door manager can do just that, from his iPhone.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Managing The Girl to Guy Ratio at Your Night Club

It’s common sense to keep your (straight) clubs girl to guy ratio fairly even. But how? Of course, not letting in a group of 12 guys at once is equally as wise as letting in large groups of girls. But not letting in certain groups leads to opportunity costs such as missing a chance to let in a group of guys who are planning on throwing down hundreds of dollars that night on drinks, perhaps to increase their chances of getting girls. So the key is to know when to limit the entrance of guys.
The way to do this is by tracking your girl to guy ratio throughout the night, and as a result you will know which groups to let in. One possible way is to have one clicker for guys, and one for girls. However this process is very difficult and frustrating. To make this simpler, this can be done with tracking one line up only, as it is simply taking a “sample” from the general population in the club, based on the assumption that this "sample" is representative of the mix in the club. However, this is still tedious, and will be very difficult in the rush of the middle of the night to calculate the ratio based on some numbers on two clickers.
Luckily VenueWize lets you track the girl to guy ratio by letting you track your guest list line-ups girl to guy ratio with two buttons, and gives you live girl to guy ratio on demand on your mobile device. The benefits of this include not missing out on any big male spenders at the door.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Should I Have a Free Guest List @ My Nightclub

Free guest lists with a relatively early cut off time bring your venue an early crowd who fill up the dance floor and get the party started. This early crowd is the reason that paying guests who show up later, stay there and spend money on drinks, rather than move on to the next club. Some venues even go as far as paying or giving free drinks to attractive "clubbers" to come to their venue and fill the dance floor at an early time just to get the party going.

Have you ever been to a party that’s dead? Well, no one wants to be the first couple on the dance floor. So incentivize these early adopters of the dance floor with free guest list sign ups. In tech-terms, it can be said that your dance floor reaches a critical mass sooner.

Every venue should utilize their free guest list because it simply results in more paying guests, and chances are that the individuals on the free guest list are more likely to purchase drinks since their pre-drinking time was cut short. Besides, the person signing up on the free guest list is likely to bring the whole party with him and bring your club to life.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to Promote My Nightclub on Facebook

First things first, guys go to clubs for girls. Girls go to clubs when they find out it’s not just all creepy guys. So get a large Facebook membership base with attractive girls, and attractive high value (none-creepy) guys. This is especially important since these "fans" of your page can be viewed by others. Question is, how do you attract these people? Fake it at first. (At your own discretion) create these fake accounts for the sole purpose of becoming fans of your nightclubs Facebook page. 
Once this is done, engage real users by encouraging posts about fun nights and adventures they had at your nightclub. These stories will keep the “Fans” of your page coming back to the page to check for more of these awesome, crazy, unique stories. You can even have contests, for the post which receives the most amount of "Likes" gets a free VIP experience. 
Post photos of nights on the Facebook page in different albums titled by dates, which also keeps people coming back for more. Promote this at the club, telling guests to see their photos on your Facebook page! To see these photos, of course, they must be fans of your page, which as we all know all of their friends see, resulting in a viral effect. These photos even allow the people to tag themselves, and reconnect with members of the opposite (or same) sex, through Facebook which they did not have a chance at the nightclub to exchange contact information with. And lastly, post special promotions, nights and deals on the Facebook page.

Happy promotions,