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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Should I Have a Free Guest List @ My Nightclub

Free guest lists with a relatively early cut off time bring your venue an early crowd who fill up the dance floor and get the party started. This early crowd is the reason that paying guests who show up later, stay there and spend money on drinks, rather than move on to the next club. Some venues even go as far as paying or giving free drinks to attractive "clubbers" to come to their venue and fill the dance floor at an early time just to get the party going.

Have you ever been to a party that’s dead? Well, no one wants to be the first couple on the dance floor. So incentivize these early adopters of the dance floor with free guest list sign ups. In tech-terms, it can be said that your dance floor reaches a critical mass sooner.

Every venue should utilize their free guest list because it simply results in more paying guests, and chances are that the individuals on the free guest list are more likely to purchase drinks since their pre-drinking time was cut short. Besides, the person signing up on the free guest list is likely to bring the whole party with him and bring your club to life.