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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Managing The Girl to Guy Ratio at Your Night Club

It’s common sense to keep your (straight) clubs girl to guy ratio fairly even. But how? Of course, not letting in a group of 12 guys at once is equally as wise as letting in large groups of girls. But not letting in certain groups leads to opportunity costs such as missing a chance to let in a group of guys who are planning on throwing down hundreds of dollars that night on drinks, perhaps to increase their chances of getting girls. So the key is to know when to limit the entrance of guys.
The way to do this is by tracking your girl to guy ratio throughout the night, and as a result you will know which groups to let in. One possible way is to have one clicker for guys, and one for girls. However this process is very difficult and frustrating. To make this simpler, this can be done with tracking one line up only, as it is simply taking a “sample” from the general population in the club, based on the assumption that this "sample" is representative of the mix in the club. However, this is still tedious, and will be very difficult in the rush of the middle of the night to calculate the ratio based on some numbers on two clickers.
Luckily VenueWize lets you track the girl to guy ratio by letting you track your guest list line-ups girl to guy ratio with two buttons, and gives you live girl to guy ratio on demand on your mobile device. The benefits of this include not missing out on any big male spenders at the door.