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Saturday, 6 August 2011

How To Compile a Guest List Onto iPad & iPhone

Update (March 13/12): We also allow you to upload your guest lists by filling out our excel template, which then gives your door hosts access to your guest lists on the VenueWize event check in app.

Original Post:
Creating a guest list is tough… real tough. They are needed for large galas, conferences, parties and even weddings. In most cases there are different types of guests: guests who get in free no matter what, guests who have already paid, guests who must pay half-price to get in, and guests who must pay full price to get in. To make this information about guests more difficult to manage is the fact that guest names and information typically come from several organizers, and several promoters.

The obvious solution here is for organizers, promoters and employees to collaborate on the guest list creation. This is the pain we solved with our new Teams feature.

1. Simply set up teams, and team member names on

The reason for setting up team member names lets you automatically track which team member guests were checked into the venue. This is essential when paying employees a bonus, or rewarding them for guests they bring into the venue, or tracking event analytics.

2. Send the team members the widget link.

The widget allows the team members to select the event, guest list, their name, and enter in the guest information that they have collected or are responsible for. This is the same amount of effort it would have taken them to email you this information or type it in a doc, however it is automatically transferred to your guest lists which are accessed via the Venuewize iPhone or iPad app.

You no longer have to manually compile guest names based on guest types.