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Friday, 16 September 2011

iPad Event Registration With No Internet Connection! (New iPad & iPhone Feature)

VenueWize iPhone and iPad app 1.0 (released) now let you check-in your event's guests without a Wifi or 3G connection. After working with several events ranging from fashion shows in Vancouver to nightclubs in the UK, we came to the realization that event organizers have minimal control over the internet connection at the venue they hold their event, so we created this solution. Also, it provides a peace of mind knowing that if the Internet goes down, your event is not affected in any way.

How Does It Work?

1. After setting up your event on, you log into your event with the Event Code you received during your event setup. You must log in with the Event Code with an Internet connection (so, at home).
Logging in with your Event Code gives you access to your guest lists (ie "Ticket Holders" vs "$50 @ Door"), guest notes (ie "Very loyal customer), guest names and how many individuals they are arriving with. This was all of course created on your account. 

2. You arrive at your event at some venue with unreliable Internet, and using the same Event Code you can log back into your event without an Internet connection! This is because after the first login, all of your event’s data was automatically stored on your iPad (or iPhone). You can now check-in guests, access live guest information and VenueWize your event.

3. The next time you log in to the app with an internet connection, all of your (pending) check-in’s automatically get updated to your account. This update allows you to track guest and employee stats, and update your guest database on your VenueWize account.

And yes, while offline, you can still use multiple iPhones and iPads to check guests in, however the check-ins will not be seen live.

This feature is strictly due to user feedback, so, thanks.