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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How a Night Club Embraced the iPad to Manage Guests [Case Study]

“All promotion teams update their own list to one LIVE list automatically. All work is [now] done by promoters which leaves me, (promotion manager) to concentrate on running the event... Would recommend it to anyone running guest lists / queue jump / tables.” –Ricky, PURE Bar, Bexleyheath, Kent, UK

About PURE Bar
“PURE is the place to be seen… two floors and a luxury garden where you can chill out with its own bar… The PURE Lounge located upstairs lets you get away from the main party if you need a little break… Celebs are regular visitors.” –From

-Stressful task of compiling guest lists of about 500 guests each week from several promoters which was done by rushing before the event to get endless SMS text messages and emails together
-Commission payments to promoters based on performance, which reduce cost structure, was extremely time consuming, and difficult

-Using VenueWize’s Teams Feature, all promotion teams add their own guests to one live list
-After the event, automatic reports are generated specifying which promoter’s guests actually entered the club, which determines how much commission they should receive
-The promotion manager, Ricky, who is in charge of the events, simply assigns the promotion teams to the event, which lets Ricky not worry about guest lists and focus on important things such as running the event
-Last second changes are easy to make because the guest list is live
-iPad app leaves arriving guests with a “classy, great first impression”