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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Easiest & Most Accurate Way to Pay Out Promoters at Your Nightclub: Track Staff Guestlist Returns

Paying out your nightclub's promoters on commission is a big hassle, time consuming, always results in disputes and takes hours to do at 3AM or whenever your event ended. If you are able to pay out your promoters the same night as the event, the more promoters are willing to work for you. So, let’s automate this process and cut it down to 5 minutes to pay out more than 20 promoters.

1.  Determine your commission structure
Commission reduces your cost structure, and risk. When creating your guest lists on, ensure that you keep the commission amounts in mind. For example, for your “Free Guests” guest list, you may want to give out $5 to each promoter as a commission, since you know on average each of these guests spends $25 on drinks. You may even want to consider giving out $5 per female, and $1 per male, for the “Free Guests” guest list. Or, for your “Ticket Holders” list, you may want to give out $15, since each “Ticket Holder” already paid cash, which was given to you by your promoters.

2. Set up your event on VenueWize
Create your free (trial) account at and set up your event.

3. Calculate payouts
Make sure your door-person hits the refresh button on the VenueWize iPad (or iPhone) app at the end of the night after your iPad check-ins are complete, so you have all the latest data captured. You now have a wealth of analytics captured, one of which can be used to calculate to the dollar how much you owe each promoter.

Let’s see how well Mike did.

As it is shown, Mike, brought in 14 guests total from the “Ticket Holders” guest list (of course, all guest lists are set up by you, during your step-by-step event setup on From the “Ticket Holders” guest list, 6 of Mike’s guests were no-shows. As a result, you know exactly to the penny, how much to pay Mike- no disputes, no hassles, no ticket stubs to count and re-count & same night pay-outs in minutes!

If only everything could be automated and made so easy. Do this for your next event for free.