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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Measure Event Success with Event Analytics- Set Measurable Benchmarks [How-To]

Event organizers can now measure how successful their events are by interpreting event analytics, letting them set measurable benchmarks & improve on future events. This lets them justify event costs and calculate their Return on Investment (ROI). 
Using VenueWize’s analytics feature, which automatically captures key metrics about your events, guests and promoters, organizers and team members- you can start measuring event success and improve on certain metrics event-after-event.

Step 1: Set your event’s goals
Determine what “success” is to your event, and make it concrete. Success is made up of certain goals that can be measured, such as: “Did everyone show up on time? When was the average time of arrival for guests? What percentage of guests never showed up at all? Is there some common factor amongst the guests who never showed up at all?” This can go on, and on.
These metrics vary, from event to event, mostly depending on your type of event.

Step 2: Set up your event on VenueWize
Create your free (trial) account at and set up your event in 30 seconds.

Step 3: Start analyzing
After your event is done, make sure the person in charge of iPad check-ins who manages the live guest lists, hits “Refresh” after the very last check-in.
You now have access to a wealth of information on your VenueWize dashboard, under Stats.
For example, to answer a goal or question created in Step 1: “Is there a common factor amongst the guests who never showed up at all”. You can filter your stats down by Guest List, or by Team Member. This will populate stats on guests, how many accompanied guests they brought and their arrival time, and the no-shows. You will be surprised what you find, perhaps you may discover that the commonality is that the guests who never showed up to the event were all Early Bird Tickets (ie Guest List: Early Bird Tickets), which were actually free tickets.

Step 4: Use these metrics as a benchmark
You now have a benchmark to go off of for your next event, and specific metrics to improve on. You also have discovered ineffective ways to attract guests, perhaps your “University Team” (created in Teams section of VenueWize) who you allowed to only invite individuals from the University- did not perform so well, since only half of their guests showed up.