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Monday, 30 January 2012

Guest List App: Auto-compile guest lists, then measure employee, street team and promoter performance.

The VenueWize guest list app lets you auto-compile guest lists by delegating it to promoters & street teams, and then track their productivity and returns.
You have 2 teams of 15 promoters and event organizers to handle. You feel like half of your time is spent gathering guest information from them via email, phone calls, and text messages. If you’re lucky, all of this information from all 30 promoters will be compiled into a nice long list, printed out, and given to the door hosts in charge of guest registration andguest check-ins right before the event.

No need to go through that pain. We’ve created an automated process so you never, ever, have to go through that again.

Step1: Set up your event on VenueWize
Create your free account at and set up your event in 15 seconds.

Step 2: Auto-Compile by setting up Teams on your VenueWize account
Using the Teams feature, follow the step-by-step interface and create your first team in 10 seconds. The step-by-step process will let you assign a Team to manage specific events. Also, it will allow you to add Team Members to specific Teams, therefore giving Team Members permission to only add guests to specific events.
Team Members are hard to control and want to do the minimal amount of work in the quickest time, as a result we made it possible so that they do not require a VenueWize account or login to add their guest information to events they were assigned to. They receive an email with a secure link to their Team Widget, which lets them add guest information to events you assigned them to. This lets them add guest information (email, date of birth, notes, whatever you like), to specific guest lists, which is then automatically stored in your guest database in the cloud and your iPad guestlist app.

My Teams: Delegate team members to collaborate on specific events

Step 3: Sit back and track Team Member performance
Once your Teams are setup, and the Team Widget links are sent out to team members, your job is finished. All guest information uploaded by team members is viewed, in real-time, on the VenueWize iPad or iPhone app by your doorperson or host.
During or after the event, you can track each team member’s performance using the event stats. This lets you see which team member’s guests actually showed up, from what guest list and at what time.

Set up your event, assign it to a Team, and lay back while they do all the work.