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Monday, 9 January 2012

iPad Event Check-in App: Real-time Event Stats [Best Practices]

The VenueWize guest check-in app provides simple real-time event stats, which can provide a lot of value if used properly.

The guest list management app, which is currently on iPhone and iPad, lets the organizer (and the organizer’s employees who are in charge of guest registration) see the number of guests who have been checked-in, who they are and what time they arrived. It also displays the number of remaining guests, and who they are. Additionally, the number of males and females checked-in is also displayed. Lastly, there is a progress bar, which visualizes the number of check-ins compared with the total number of guests added to the event.

Using Remaining Guests vs Checked-in Guests

This feature is best utilized for exclusive events, fashion shows, conferences, tradeshows and seminars. The benefit to this feature is that it allows the organizer to know exactly when to start the event. This can be done either by reaching a certain number of guests checked-in overall, or a certain number of guests checked-in on a certain guest list such as “Featured Speakers”. Alternatively, it can be utilized by making sure that key guests have been checked-in by checking the names of checked-in guests, rather than the overall number.

Using Males vs Females

This feature is best utilized for events held in the nightlife industry. To someone in the nightlife industry, it’s pretty self explanatory as the ratio of females to males should be kept as similar as possible. This feature then takes guessing out of this task and provides solid numbers which can be used to manage the girl to guy ratio at such venues.