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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

iPad Event Planning: Know Everything About Each Guest as they Walk in the Venue

In the 2002 movie Minority Report, they predicted several technologies that had not existed at the time. The first that comes to mind is where Tom Cruise is using the touch screen that is suspended in mid-air: a cross between the Xbox Kinect and the iPad.

The second, is the clip below.

Tom Cruise walks into the Gap, the hologram/whatever-that-is knows right away, what he purchased last, what his name is, and oh, so much more. We’ve brought this to life, in the events industry, and in a less-creepy fashion.
VenueWize lets event organizers view a live profile of each guest, as they enter the venue.

A guest arrives, the door person finds them on the live guest list using an iPad or iPhone: before the check-in, comes a screen filled with data. At a glance, it shows which team member added this guest, and any notes, which exist about this guest in the event organizer’s guest database in the VenueWize cloud.
Notes about conversation topics? Not really. This is a way to instruct the individuals in charge of guest registration, to treat each guest uniquely: perhaps each must be escorted to a different seat or table, or one may be vegetarian, while another gets a free drink upon arrival. The opportunities with how organizers will use this technology are endless.