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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Manage VIP Bottle Service on our iPad and iPhone App

VenueWize now lets you run bottle service on iPad and iPhone. We recently launched a new feature that lets you easily manage tables and VIP bottle service, just like our guest list management tools.

1. Create Tables Under “Guest Lists” & Set a Capacity
On your VenueWize dashboard, just as you would usually create guest lists, create tables organized by predetermined table numbers. The only additional step is to click “Advanced Options” and enter a number for the table capacity. As an example, capacity would be 15, if the table seats 15.

VenueWize Dashboard- Guest List Advanced Options
2. Add Guests to the Tables
In a future release, guests will be able to register themselves for the tables (and guest lists) created.
As of now, you can either add guests yourself by following the appropriate steps on the dashboard, or assign team members to add guests to these tables. Since the capacity was set, your team members will know which tables are reserved from the drop down menu as shown below.
VenueWize Team Widget- Guest List & Bottle Service Collaboration

3. Check-in Guests on iPad & iPhone
Give your Event Code to your door managers and hosts, who then access all guest information, table numbers and guest lists using iPads and iPhones.
iPad Guest Check-in