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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Event Management CRM & Guest Database: Track Guest Loyalty Over Time

Event management companies, nightclubs and other frequent event organizers deal with hundreds of thousands of guests overtime, most of which are recurring customers since each event that’s organized always offers something new and fresh. To increase event profitability and attendance, the most valuable and loyal guests should be tracked, rewarded and appropriately marketed to when new events arise. Sounds like a lot of work? Wrong.

You might already know that VenueWize auto-compiles guest information for your event from several mediums. What you might not know is that the guest information, which is compiled, is simultaneously stored in your VenueWize Cloud Database (CRM), as long as the guest information has an accompanying email or phone number. Overtime, as you hold more events on VenueWize, the guests in your database are ranked on a 5-Star Rating System, revealing your most loyal and profitable guests. The 5-Star Rating is based on several metrics such as the number events each guest attended and their attendance percentage.

Event CRM tracking guest loyalty over time

This information is extremely powerful, however how you use it will increase your revenues and result in more sold out events.