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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Event Check In App: Nightclub Promotions and Marketing Strategy with Promoters

Nightclub promotion is arguably the toughest part of event management in the nightlife industry. VenueWize’s event check in app enables effective nightclub promotions through real-time event collaboration. A unique strategy can be implemented using these event management tools, allowing you to steal guests from neighboring clubs, and even measure promoter performance

On VenueWize you can create guest lists with certain constraints. These constraints will affect how your team of promoters can add guests. We have a constraint, where you create a guest list and set “Advanced Options” to include a “Start Time”.  The “Start Time” limits your promoters’ ability to add guests before a certain time.

This “Start Time” constraint has been used by VenueWize’s nightlife users to conduct highly effective promotional campaigns. It is recommended that the “Start Time” is set to 11pm, or a time that is half way through your event. At this time, this guest list becomes active, letting your street team of promoters to starting hunting down and guests. Guests that they add to the list are then viewed in real-time by your door hosts. Your door hosts will also know that these new folks are on the last second guest list, therefore being able to respond effectively by following the instructions you give them… perhaps this list gets to skip the line up, if there is any.

The “Start Time” is the time in the night where your promoters hit the streets and steal guests from nightclub lineups within the same street or get partiers hanging out in the same entertainment district to come to your club. They simply ask for their name and email, enter it into their smartphone using their Team Widget, and your door host magically sees all these new names on the VenueWize guest list management app. Again, it is recommended that you incentivize these last second lists with no line up, free drinks or discounted admission/cover.

The tools provided by the VenueWize event registration app not only enable event planners in nightlife and other industries to do guest list management, but it also enables effective event promotions.