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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Event Registration App Manages RSVP Requests for Exclusive Events like TEDx

Exclusive events such as TEDx have a very limited capacity and a very high demand, which is a problem traditional event management systems don’t tackle. VenueWize has created a solution for this along side with its paperless check ins and guest list application. This feature can also be effectively used in corporate event planning, guest list requests for nightclubs and other event planning situations where being picky about guests is crucial.

RSVP's Requiring Approval

In addition to being able to sell tickets using VenueWize, and accept RSVPs from free guests, we allow you to accept RSVPs that require your approval before guests are confirmed to attend. As you can see above, on the event registration & ticketing page, there is a registration type that requires approval. Guests who sign up for this registration type, fill out all survey questions that you made mandatory, and do not receive an email confirming their attendance.

Approve and deny RSVP's from 1 central location

When you login to your VenueWize dashboard, you will see a list of attendees requesting to attend your event, and their answers to the questions they filled out. You can filter pending guests by different registration types and questions to be able to go through them efficiently. Then you can check off guest names and accept their attendance, just like going through a list of emails and selecting which ones to delete. The attendants that you approve, automatically receive an email in their inbox giving them the event information, and confirming their attendance.

Finally, the names of the guests whose attendance you accepted, are automatically transferred to the VenueWize guest list app which will then be used by your door hosts to check in guests from iPads and iPhones.