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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nightclub Management: Event Check In App Lets You Manage Guest List Requests

One of the toughest parts of nightclub management is the task of managing guest list requests. VenueWize now has a guest list manager system that works seamlessly with the VenueWize guest check in application, which lets you manage guest lists on iPads.

You can now set up a registration & ticketing page on VenueWize, and embed it into your own website. To embed, simply click the “Embed” button, click “Generate Code” and copy paste that code into your website, to have guests request guest lists and buy tickets directly from your website.
When setting up your registration & ticketing page on Venuewize, for guest list management simply select the “Free – Needs Approval” option. This allows you to set custom questions such as “Names of the guests you are attending with”, or multiple choice questions such as “Favorite drink to get at the bar: A) Rum & Coke B) Molson Canadian C) Vodka D) Wine cooler.” Once guests fill out the questions that you’ve created, they are given a message that states they will receive an email before the event if they are approved to attend.

Guest List Manager

When you login to VenueWize, you see a list of pending guests who are requesting guest list. You filter their answers, and simply check off the ones you want to approve and click “approve”. They automatically receive an email confirming their attendance, with any special notes such as “Must be there before 10pm”.
Their names are automatically transferred to the VenueWize event check in app for your door hosts to see, making attendee management and online registrations really simple. You can use this same paperless check in method to sell tickets.