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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Real-Time Event Management: Collaborating Between Teams [Video]

VenueWize's guest registration app lets you collaborate with your promoters, team members and employees on events, all in real-time. After your event you can even measure performance. This video explains it in 30 seconds.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Event Check In App: How Does It Improve Guest Management

The VenueWize event check in app, used solely by itself, improves guest management through several ways which will be described in this post. VenueWize as a whole mobile event management system has many benefits such as being able to build a guest CRM database, enable event collaboration, track guest loyalty and more. However, in this post I’d like to look at just one feature and see how beneficial it is on its own: event registration and guest check-ins.

Improved Attendee Experience
The event check in app provides the obvious benefit of speeding up the guest registration process. The factor, at which guest registration is sped up by, depends on many factors. Our users have found that on average it is twice or three times as fast.

The event check in app also provides a more personal experience for the attendee through automatically storing and providing guest specific notes. Upon an attendees arrival, the door host sees a notes section specific to that guest, which will include points created by you, such as “Seated at table 9”, “Gets a free drink ticket” or “Big Lakers fan”. This eliminates all confusion with regards to logistics, and brings back the days of knowing your guests face to face.

Finally, the very first impression that your attendees will have of your event is the check in and guest registration process.  People by nature are quick to judge and make inferences, especially about a function they have put in the time to attend. Our users have reported that the simple act of checking guests in with iPhones and iPads has left a very positive first impression on their attendees.

Peace of Mind
The event check in app also provides peace of mind to you and your organizers. This is because of the real-time stats about guests that you can view during your event. During one of your events, have you ever wondered, “Has Kayla arrived yet? How many guests are late? How many more guests till we start our show?” The event check-in app allows you to see that information without talking to your door hosts or even without physically being present at your event.

VenueWize as a whole provides many benefits to event organizers such as letting you build your event mailing list, sell tickets, and measure performance. The event check-in app by itself improves attendee experience and gives you a peace of mind.