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Monday, 21 May 2012

Check-in Attendees with iPads | Live Real-Time Syncing

VenueWize’s event manager app has released a new real-time live syncing system which is available in the newest version of the iPad on the iTunes App Store. The new syncing system keeps all of the door hosts checking guests in to the same event, updated in real-time with each others latest check-ins, live statistics and any guests which are added to the list last second.

The time interval that the data between door hosts is synced can be adjusted in the settings of the iPad or iPhone app, ranging from 30 minutes to real-time. If you have no Internet connectivity or lose Internet connectivity at your event, guests can still be checked-in, however check-ins done by on one iPad will not be viewable in real-time on other iPads. Once you regain Internet connectivity, all check-ins across all iPads and iPhones will automatically sync.