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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Event Check-in App Manages Guest Lists On Your iPad & iPhone with One Swipe

VenueWize’s event check-in app now has a much quicker way for event organizers and their door hosts to check in guests. “One Swipe" check-ins allows the door hosts and event managers to check-in guests by quickly swiping their finger across a guest’s name on the guest list manager screen in VenueWize’s iPad or iPhone app.

One-Swipe Check-Ins

We still allow you to check-in guests like before, by tapping a guest’s name, selecting the specific number of accompanying guests (for tracking and analytics purposes), then selecting check-in. However, we found that for fast paced events with a large quantity of attendees, tracking statistics about the number of accompanying guests’ gender is less important than the speed at which all guests are checked-in and enter the venue.

So, what happens if the guest in question has important notes created by the event manager that must be viewed by the door host and the One-Swipe check-in is used? In that situation, a small popup appears displaying the notes to the door host.

What about plus counts and analytics?

If a guest has a plus count, for example Alex + 5, and the One-Swipe check-in is used, then only one person is checked-in and that party becomes Alex + 4. In cases like this it is recommended that the normal way of checking-in guests be used, since then the door host can click the name, and specify how many people in Alex’s party have shown up.
Whenever the One-Swipe check-in is used, analytics are still gathered, however since the gender is not specified, a count of one guest is added under N/A for gender on your analytics dashboard.

The One-Swipe check-in will speed up guest check-ins and improve event management for events where speed is an important factor.