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Monday, 4 June 2012

Church Uses iPads for Kids Event: Tracks Allergies & Makes Attendance Fun [Case Study]

These kids check-in themselves using iPads!
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The following is provided by the event and program organizer at Tweed Coast Community Church, who has been using our event check-in and guest registration app in a very creative way, to ensure that kids are accounted for, parents have an peace of mind and kids enjoy the check-in process (by checking themselves in).

About Tweed Coast Community Church
Tweed Coast Community Church is a small church [in Australia] with a strong focus on family ministry. We provide Sunday morning Kidz Church for all ages and midweek activities. And we  require a simple, effective means to sign kids into these programs.

Parents are concerned about safety. They want to know that we, too, hold a strong position on security for kids involved in our programs. We want parents to feel confident that their kids are secure and accounted for- that we know who is here and where they are. And there is a time issue. When over-excited kids link up at the door, eager to come and enjoy the program, we don't want them and their parents to have to spend too long working through the sign-in procedures. We had investigated many of the available options but found nothing that really addressed our issues. We had continued to sign kids in manually with paper sign-in lists.

Since using VenueWize, our sign-in procedures are quick and straight forward. An updated list of attendees is allocated to each event as it is set up. The list includes allergy details or health concerns which is listed beside be child as they sign-in. This enables us to pop an alert sticker on those children as they enter to identify the health concerns to leaders. The system is so simple that kids/parents can sign in themselves although we do have a leader in place to oversee the check-in procedure.

Kids really enjoy checking themselves in on the iPad and the parents are impressed with the system and the process. I would recommend this simple system to others looking for a quick and easy alternative to paper registration forms for kids events. Check out my ministry blog for more information...