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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Compile a Facebook Event Guest List onto an iPad and iPhone for Check-Ins

VenueWize’s event check-in and event registration system’s Facebook Timeline App for Events tackles several issues Facebook Events has left unsolved. Promoting events on Facebook is an effective tool, with many downfalls. A large percentage of RSVPs never show up to your event, you can’t sell tickets, and compiling a list of the RSVPs is highly time consuming and difficult.

1. Create Your Registration & Ticketing Page on

Login to, create your event, and a registration & ticketing page. In the registration & ticketing page setup you can specify the number of spots available at the event and even create custom questions for attendees to fill out, such as “company name” or “preferred drink”.

2. Post to Facebook

While logged into VenueWize, go to the Social Media section, then log in to Facebook. “Host on Facebook” posts the event to your personal Facebook timeline, “Create a Facebook Page Tab” creates a tab on your Facebook Business Page listing all of your upcoming VenueWize events. For more details see how to sell tickets on Facebook.

Posting Events to Facebook for Guest List App Check-ins
3. Check-in Guests with iPads and iPhones

All registrant and ticket purchaser information is auto-compiled onto guest lists accessed on iPads and iPhones, for quick guest check-ins.

4. Measure Success and Conversion Rates

Logging back into VenueWize after your event gives you detailed information including the conversion rate of how effective your Facebook efforts were. The analytics detail the conversion rate from guest sign ups, to the guests actually walking in through the door. This can be used as a benchmark and learning experience for running future events. 
VenueWize's event check-in and registration system will be expanding this feature in the recent future.