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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nightclub Promotion Group Measures Promoter Performance & Manages Guests with iPad & iPhone App [Case Study]

The following is provided by the owner and lead event planner at a nightclub promotion group who used VenueWize to measure his nightclub promoter performance and returns for quick pay-outs based on a commission structure. The information is paraphrased to fit the format of the case study.

"VenueWize provides a structure both on the front end of the event for event check-ins and also on the backend when it's time to analyze performance." -Brad

How VenueWize helped this nightclub promotion group with half of their marketing plan, promoter payouts, and event check-ins

We [Climax] took a 3,000 capacity event center previously used for country music and classic rock concerts and turned it into a big room nightclub event.

Before VenueWize we really never put the promoters to task.  People would have always been involved to help spread the word, but we never had a very good system of managing performance and outcome.  Sure, it can be done on paper, but that takes a lot of additional facilitation.  VenueWize provides a structure both on the front end of the event for event check-ins and also on the backend when it's time to analyze performance.  This not only saves time but also drives the entire process. 

For us it allowed a structure that we could effortlessly keep track of.  We knew who we had sent out there promoting, we knew which of them were actively engaging possible attendees, and after the event we knew which promoters got people to attend.  Therefore we were able to turn around and compensate them based on actual performance.  There was also a really positive vibe around the whole thing because we sold the fact that it's good for us as the organizer, it's good for the promoter, and it's good for the attendee. Everyone wins and the we go party.

For us VenueWize was our about 50% of our marketing plan.  The other 50% was about larger than normal production value through the venue, DJ and performers.  Our event was 17+, so we created a number of pricing tiers.  If you were 21+ cover was $15 and $10 if you were on the guest list.  Under 21 got in for $20, but $15 if on the guest list.  Promoters went out and put people on the guest list.  The promoters were then compensated for the number that attended, based on reports and analytics created by VenueWize.  There was something in it for everyone.  Everybody wins!