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Friday, 6 July 2012

Real Estate Convention Used iPads For Their Cocktail Party at Four Seasons Las Vegas [Case Study]

The following information is provided by an event manager at Cushman & Wakefield who used the VenueWize guest registration app to manage guest check-ins and guest lists for a Real Estate Convention Cocktail Party at 4-Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. The following is paraphrased to fit the format of the case study.

Cushman & Wakefield Client ICSC REcon Cocktail Party in Las Vegas Managed Using VenueWize

About Cushman & Wakefield, and the Event
Cushman & Wakefield is a privately held commercial real estate services firm with 243 offices world-wide.

The event held was a Cushman & Wakefield client cocktail party at the Four Seasons Las Vegas with a guest list of about 3500, and an expected attendance of 500.  The event was held in conjunction with a real estate convention put on by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

In the past check-ins at the event had been managed manually with paper lists consisting of all attendees.  One major problem previously faced by using paper lists was that the guest list was constantly being added to, up to a few hours before the party and even during the party. Considering multiple check-in points with multiple hosts, this caused major problems. , even up to a few hours before the party, and being able to add names at the last minute was very helpful.

We used 5 ipads to check people in at the event.  We had them pre-loaded with the guest list.  We were able to remotely add names to the list last minute, which automatically updated on each host's iPad. It was also nice to have a real-time count of how many people we checked in, who they were and what time they arrived.

The attendees appreciated not having to stand in a long line as had happened at past cocktail parties. We were able to add guests last second at the door and have hosts check-in the same guest. I would recommend VenueWize to any kind of event where you need to check-in a large amount of people quickly.