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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Targeted Email Marketing for PR Firms and Nightclubs: Building Your Customer Database

VenueWize’s guest list and event check-in app, lets you check-in guests on iPads and measure promoter returns & performance. It now also lets you build your email list and send highly targeted email blasts to your guest database.

Automatically Build Your Mailing List
As your promoters collaborate on guest list creation and add guests to guest lists, each email address accompanied with a guest is tracked in your VenueWize database. All guest list requests and ticket sales also compile guest information and email addresses into your VenueWize database.

Target Specific Guests
Guests are tracked overtime on different metrics, such as which guest lists they’ve been added to, which events they were checked-in to and more. This empowers you to send super targeted email blasts to follow up with guests, inform them about upcoming events or invite them to purchase tickets (or bottle service, and cover charge).

An example of a highly targeted email blast would be emailing an invitation for your upcoming event, to all of the no-shows of your last event. The variations for this are endless with all of the metrics gathered, and the more targeted event email marketing blasts are the most effective.