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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Annual Event Uses iPads to Track Effectiveness of Partner Campaigns [Case Study]

The following is provided by the lead event planner for a one-off event who used VenueWize to sell tickets, manage affiliates and promo codes, and check-in guests with iPads. The following is paraphrased to fit the format of the case study.

"Checking attendees in on an iPad is just a whole different experience compared to using paper to cross people off." -Annika

Guest Check-ins @ Indulge 'n Dance

We used the service for our event called Indulge n' Dance, an after-dinner event that featured seven of Vancouver's up-and-coming pastry makers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The event took place in April 2012 and also featured some great 80s/90s dance music creating a unique dining and dancing experience in the city. About 150 were registered for the event.

This was the first time we created a large public event. Managing a large event is very different than a small gathering. We needed a one stop shop that could handle both the front and the back-end of the event, plus ensure paperless transactions. Social Bites prides itself with taking a local and sustainable approach to its event, hence we definitely did not want anyone to bring paper tickets to the event. This also fit in with the overall digital strategy as we did not print one piece of paper to promote or manage the event. 

We chose Venuewize because we knew the iPad check-ins would help us with our efforts to keep our event green. Attendees were impressed with the quick and efficient check-in, and the app is very easy to use which also helped with a smooth check-in service. Apart from the actual check-in, we were also very pleased with the back-end system. Since this was the first time we ran this event, we partnered with a variety of companies and groups allowing them to use promo codes to receive a price reduction. What we liked about Venuewize was the fact that the system can handle multiple promo codes, allowing us to track the effectiveness of partner campaigns. This will be valuable information for future events. It also allowed us to limit the tickets to only one ticket choice and an add-on ticket as all price variations and complimentary tickets could be handled via the promo codes.

I think attendees were very impressed how smooth and sophisticated the check in was. Checking attendees in on an iPad is just a whole different experience compared to using paper to cross people off. Also, multiple promo codes allowed us to track the effectiveness of partner campaigns. Overall, the experience with Venuewize was great. I would highly recommend it to other event managers.