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Friday, 5 October 2012

Manage Unregistered Attendees with iPads and iPhones [New Feature]

Managing unexpected attendees at events poses several issues:

  • How do you easily capture the unexpected guest's information?
  • How does this affect the guests who took the time to register or purchase tickets?
  • How will this affect your events logistics and check-ins?
Due to these issues many event organizers do not allow unexpected guests to enter their venue, which leads to lost opportunity in terms of revenue and relationships resulting in future revenue.

VenueWize has launched it's updated check-in app which addresses and solves all of these issues. Using the guest registration & check-in app, your hosts have access to all of your attendees who registered, purchased tickets or were added via Excel files by yourself or by your team mates. Additionally, when an unexpected guest shows up, you can give your hosts the option to add and check them in on the fly. They are given the option to add the guest's email address and any other pieces of information crucial to your database and relationship management techniques. 

After the event you can track to see how many guests were added on the fly, who they were, and if the hosts added any notes about them.